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14 Tips For School After COVID-19 To Ensure Student Safety

After the blip, the schools are reopening. But, sending children back to school in this on-going COVID-19 pandemic is very stressful for parents. However, back to school is something that is very essential for children and cannot be overlooked by parents.

So, if you own an educational institution or a parent who is sending their children back to school, read this blog to know the tips to ensure your children stay safe and free from infection.

Tip 1: Before leaving house

Check your children if they have any symptom. Moreover, if symptoms found, do not send them to schools.
Tie their hairs up to prevent them avoid the face frequently.
Ensure they wear a mask before stepping out.

Tip 2: Prepare a basic safety kit for your children:

Do not forget to give your children their personal safety kit that includes hand sanitizer, spare mask, and pocket tissues.

Tip 3: Precautions to take on the bus:

Check children’s temperature while boarding the bus.
Do not let them board the bus if they have any respiratory problem.

Tip 4: While on the bus:

Make your children learn to avoid social gathering and maintain physical distancing.

Assure they wear a face mask correctly while they are on bus.

Make your children learn to avoid touching the surfaces while travelling by bus.

If it is not possible to avoid touching the surface, then do not forget to sanitize hands properly.

Tip 5: Stay careful even at school

Ask them to wear mask full time when they are in school.
Make them teach to avoid nose, eyes, or mouth without prior washing hands.

Tip 6: While on the desk

Keep the desk clean and disinfected.
Avoid exchanging books and stationery.

Tip 7: At the canteen

Help your child avoid taking canteen’s food. Rather, let them carry homemade food.
Teach them to avoid sharing of food and drinks with friends.
Make them learn to avoid grouping with friends while taking lunch and maintain physical distancing.

Tip 8: Hygiene during break time

Ask them not to forget washing hands before and after taking lunch.

They can take their mask off for having lunch, but ask them to make sure to put the same in plastic bag.

Tip 9: Sneezing and coughing etiquette

Ask your child to stay aware of surrounding people and protect themselves if they sneeze or cough.
If they themselves are sneezing or coughing, ask them to cover face with tissue or use inside of elbow.

Tip 10: When they return from school

Ask them to take their shoes off before entering and sanitize them.
Make them sanitize their school bag before entering the house.
Ask them to change clothes immediately and keep it in the laundry.
Ask them to either take bath or wash the exposed body parts like hands and face.

Tip 11: Route optimization

Optimize bus routes, make them prefer shortest possible way and travel less crowded areas. This reduces trip time, and the risk of spreading virus.

An efficient and well-designed School Bus Tracking & Security system can prove beneficial for this.

Tip 12: Reduce bus capacity

Reducing the number of students boarding the particular bus ensure physical distancing. This, undoubtedly, reduces the chance of spreading infection.

Tip 13: Keep the bus windows open

Keeping bus windows open let fresh air circulates inside the bus, which helps in reducing the concentration of infectious droplets.

Ultimately, this in a way increases the boarding time for students and driver. Also, avoid using air conditioner or heater when the bus windows are closed.

Tip 14: Protect bus drivers

School bus drivers are exposed to each student who boards the bus, thus they should wear specialized protective equipment like high quality mask, face shield and gloves.


Stopping COVID-19 from spreading and keeping children safe while returning to school after lockdown is a joint effort of students, parents, and school authorities.

Therefore, it is very important for you all to follow precautionary tips and take every possible safety measure to welcome students’ Back to School.

The above mentioned precautions and safety tips are simple and offers a long way in protecting your children while returning to school. Ensure to follow them.

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