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Fleetroot New User Experience 2024 – Release Notes

Introducing Our New and Improved User Interface – Experience Simplicity and Efficiency Like Never Before!


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new user interface, which is now available for preview on our beta link. This update is a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing your experience and providing solutions that make your operations smoother and more intuitive. 

Here’s what’s new and exciting in this release:

1. Revamped Interface

Introducing our revamped user interface (UI) to enhance your experience! We’ve refreshed the UI with a sleek and modern design, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Enjoy improved navigation, clearer visuals, and enhanced functionality to streamline your workflow. Dive into the new interface and discover a seamless way to interact with our platform.

2. Restructured panel with enhanced Quick Menu

Navigate through the system with ease using our improved quick menu. This update allows for faster access to the most frequently used tools, enhancing your overall system interaction and saving you time throughout your day.

3. Streamlined Settings Navigation Menu

Navigating through the settings menu is now more intuitive than ever. We’ve reorganized and streamlined the interface to ensure that finding and adjusting various system settings is straightforward and hassle-free. This enhancement allows you to customize your preferences quickly and get back to managing your operations with minimal downtime.

4. Revamped Reporting UI

Our reporting interface has been redesigned for greater usability and effectiveness. Favorite your most-used reports for quick access and enjoy a streamlined, more user-friendly layout that allows you to get the information you need without hassle.

Key New Reports Introduced:


Custom Reports : Tailor reports to meet your specific needs. With our new custom report features, you can create detailed reports focused on the data that matters most to you, enabling deeper insights and better decision-making.


Delivery Review : Get a comprehensive overview of your delivery operations. This report provides critical insights into delivery times, success rates, and areas for improvement, helping you enhance service quality.

Favorites: This new functionality allows you to save and easily access your favorite reports. Streamline your workflow by keeping important data just a click away, ensuring you don’t waste time searching for essential information.

5. Upgraded Route Planner

Our Route Planner has received a comprehensive makeover. We’ve simplified the user interface, making it even easier for you to plan and optimize routes. Whether you’re dispatching a small fleet or managing a nation-wide delivery operation, our enhanced Route Planner is designed to help you do it more efficiently.

6. New Delivery Analytics Dashboard

Stay on top of your delivery operations with our new Delivery Analytics page. This dashboard provides a quick overview of the day’s activities, helping you make informed decisions on the fly. Get real-time insights into delivery statuses, on-time performance, and operational bottlenecks all in one place.

Key KPIs Measured :


Daily Order Performance: Track the number and status of orders each day to ensure timely fulfillment and identify any bottlenecks in the process.

Daily Driver Performance: Assess each driver’s efficiency and effectiveness throughout their routes to enhance delivery times and customer satisfaction.

Heat Map Analysis: Visualize order density and delivery hotspots to better allocate resources and plan delivery routes.

Order Distribution Analysis: Gain insights into the distribution of orders across different regions or time periods to optimize logistics strategies and resource allocation.

Merchant Performance: Evaluate the performance of each merchant in terms of order volume, fulfillment accuracy, and customer satisfaction to identify potential areas for improvement.

7. Enhanced Customization with Add-On Modules

Tailor your experience with our new add-on module feature. Now you can easily enhance your system’s capabilities by selecting from a mix of free and premium features with just a few clicks. From advanced analytics to increased automation options, customize your setup to suit your business’s unique needs.

Key Add-Ons Introduced:

WooCommerce Integration Plugin : Seamlessly connect your e-commerce platform with our system using the WooCommerce integration plugin. This add-on simplifies syncing your online store with our logistics software, enabling smoother order management and fulfillment.


Route Planner Packages: Choose from a variety of route planning packages designed to optimize delivery routes, reduce transit times, and lower fuel costs. Whether you’re handling dozens or thousands of deliveries, there’s a package tailored to your scale and complexity.


Merchant Accounts: Enhance your business operations with merchant accounts that allow for better management of customers order transactions and financial data. 


And many more: We’re continually expanding our range of add-ons to provide you with the most comprehensive tools for managing your logistics effectively.

We are excited for you to try these new features and improvements. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. Access the new interface through our beta link and let us know your thoughts at community@fleetroot.com and how we can continue to make our solutions work better for you.


Thank you for being a part of our community. We look forward to continuing to support your success with our innovative and user-focused solutions.


Additionally, we are constantly working on more enhancements to improve your experience even further. We will release these updates as soon as they are ready, ensuring you always have the best tools at your disposal

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