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How Has On-Demand Grocery Delivery Increased During Coronavirus Lockdown?

On-demand grocery delivery companies have seen their best and the worst of times in the past couple of months.

The lockdown due to COVID-19 brought up a massive opportunity for these businesses as the world switched to the online medium to meet their daily needs.

Yet, most of these businesses found it challenging to get the advantages from this increased demand as they fell apart due to a delivery lack of shortage and challenges with local authorities.

This pandemic has created panic around the world. People have become anxious about the sudden turn of events and are concerned about the future.

When humans live at a high risk of infecting from this fatal virus, they are trying to distance themselves from others.

That’s the reason they avoid visiting offline stores for their daily essentials. Due to this, it has become quite challenging for offline businesses to sustain in the market. However, a few on-demand enterprises have found a blessing in disguise.

The Challenges With the Grocery Stores

The COVID-19 crisis has made people struggle a lot. The offline grocery stores are finding it tough to evade this panic as consumers are still afraid to visit a crowded place.

Even after several rules and regulations, such as fixed time for people to shop, sanitized shelves for placing the grocery, and letting people buy with masks on, there’s still a decrease in sales in the grocery business.

In contrast to the offline grocery stores, market experts believe that online stores have a considerable potential to ignite their business sales in the current situation.

While the world has already turned upside down due to this situation, businesses are looking for a backup to restore their business operations.

Shifting the grocery business from offline to online is a continuing and result-oriented approach that can increase their current sales.

On-demand Grocery Delivery – An Ideal Way To Increase Sales

If you are stressed over how your grocery business is going to survive in this unpredicted situation, it’s time to stay calm.

Take your offline grocery business to an online platform. E-commerce and food-delivery giants such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Zomato, Swiggy have already started delivering groceries to help people cope with the lockdown situation. Online delivery is assisting both the businesses and customers in one way or another.

For the customers, the benefit is the leverage they get to order groceries sitting at the comfort of their homes. Similarly, for grocery businesses, an online approach will spike their sales numbers like earlier.

The pragmatic approach to stand out in the online grocery industry is to meet the customer requirement via an online medium and then to ensure that your products reach them with no contact.

It might seem a daunting task for several businesses as grocery orders many come in bulk. However, using a comprehensive delivery management software can make a visible difference to your business in no time.

How to Prepare Yourself for an Online Grocery Store?

Unlike a physical grocery store, an online store needs to focus on some crucial aspects from start to end.

1. Do In-depth Research

To start an on-demand grocery delivery business or taking your offline business to the online platform, the initial step is to understand the market altogether.

When you are clear about your users’ needs and pain-points, strategies of the existing brands, and more, you can make better decisions. Also, do thorough market research and competitor analysis.

2. Develop an MVP

It’s one of the finest steps you can take before entering into an online grocery delivery market. It will help you test your products before investing heftily or putting your brand value at risk.

3. Decide a Business Model

Do a detailed research of the market and explore different business models. Besides, see which model suits the best for your profits for better future investments.

4. Pick the Features

The best features and functionalities you choose will help you gain the attention of your target audience. Also, it will keep them hooked to your products and services.

So, while formulating your idea, choose the right technology stack and best features.

5. Go for App Development

In this mobile-first world, if you want your on-demand to stand out, you should go for app development.

Choose a company that is experienced and expert to help you create the best solution. They will assist you in refining your platform and obtain better results in the future.

6. Do Promotions

Developing an app-based on-demand solution isn’t enough. You need to promote your mobile rigorously and market it.

Get your marketing team on-board and discuss how to harness the power of different strategies and platforms to reach a wide range of audiences and obtain better results.

7. Adapt to the Changes

Stay in touch with your in-house team to implement the changes in the app as per the market demands.

On-demand Grocery Delivery Stores are Here to Sustain

Here are some points that explain why on-demand grocery delivery will continue to thrive in the pandemic:

  • No need to wait for the customers to visit the store and purchase groceries
  • An easy option to shop for the grocery without stepping out of the home
  • Zero contact delivery ensures the maximum safety of both the delivery executive and the customer.
    A more hygienic way of shopping

This pandemic is going to take quite long before it vanishes. As it has become the new normal for everyone, on-demand grocery shopping will bring a new normal for the hassle-free shopping experience.




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