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Top 10 Tips To Maintain Your High-Mileage Vehicles In The Best Running Conditions

Fleet management software can help you in multiple ways. And one of the major benefits of using cloud-based software for managing vehicles is that you are always on schedule when it comes to servicing high-mileage vehicles.

Well-maintained vehicles last longer and are a great asset to any business.

Here are the top 10 tips on how to maintain your high-mileage vehicles and keep them in the best running condition:

1.Keeping Up With Service Schedule

The moment your automated software indicates that it is time for a service for your vehicle; you just have to make sure that the schedule is followed. Creating a service schedule for keeping a tab on vehicle maintenance ensures that your vehicles keeps on functioning to their fullest capacity for a long time.

2.Taking Immediate Action

It is of course important to stick to the service schedule. But in the case of some unexpected things such as strange sounds or smells coming out of the vehicle, you must take immediate action.

It may be an indication that the automobile is in immediate need of maintenance.

3.Tracking Changes In Oil And Filters

Routine maintenance promises maximum return on the investment on vehicles. You can achieve vehicle longevity by tracking changes in oil and filters. Oil changes that are scheduled on a regular basis play a major role in maintaining the health of an engine.

When you change oil, it keeps the parts of engine well-coated and healthy enough to fight against the damaging effect of friction and heat. It is also important to change air filters and oil to ensure that the excess debris that leads to contamination does not build up.

With the help of an automated fleet management system, you can properly schedule oil and filter changes and reduce leaks, oil seepage, and oil consumption.

4.Looks Do Matter

After a few years, the paint or the finishing of vehicles becomes vulnerable to exterior damage like rusting. It can ultimately lead to inner damage as well. As a rule, you must ensure that all the vehicles in your fleet are kept in a garage or are at least covered.

Cloud-based software can schedule a regular internal & external thorough cleanup of your vehicle that includes cleaning and treating leather upholstery.

5.Replacing Timing Belt

Many vehicles come with a timing belt. Normally, a timing belt has to be replaced after the vehicle has covered 60,000 miles or more. If the timing belt is stretched beyond its limit, it affects the performance of your engine.

Moreover, a broken belt can leave the driver stranded in the middle of the road leading to disruption in deliveries. Making replacement of timing belt a part of your fleet maintenance schedule can save you from such hassles.

6.Regular Inspection Of Tires

The lifespan of your vehicles can be extended by inspecting tires on a regular basis. It also ensures that the vehicles gives improved fuel mileage. Regular checking the pressure of the tires also keeps the drivers safe from the possible blowouts.

Make it a rule for the drivers to check for leaks, low tread and cracks on tires during regular inspections of the vehicles. In case of any issues with the tires, the drivers must immediately contact the maintenance center and replace the tires.

For maintaining proper air pressure in the tires of your fleet, make an inspection of tire pressure a part of the regular vehicle inspection routine.

Keeping a tire-pressure gauge in each of your vehicles can also help your driver take a quick pressure check, first time in the morning.

7.Inspecting Brakes Regularly

Usually, brakes are forgotten when it comes to maintaining vehicles and more focus is on the engine and oiling. But a vehicle is no good if it cannot stop. Brakes working in top condition are highly critical for safe driving for avoiding further casualties.

Schedule a regular change and checkup of your vehicles drums and shoes, rotors and pads to ensure that all the vehicles in your fleet have brakes working in prime condition.

8.Maintaining Cooling System

In countries where winters are deeply freezing, it is important to keep the cooling system of the automobiles working in optimal condition. Worn-out and old coolant cannot offer protection against the extreme temperature.

Also flushing out of the cooling system occasionally is important to avoid gunk and corrosion which can block a thermostat or tiny openings in the radiator. If such issues are overlooked, it can lead to overheating and ultimate damage to the vehicle.

9.Using Transmission Fluids

Just as you want the fleet of your vehicles to work in optimal condition, similarly you also want to save on their maintenance. It can be possible by changing an automatic filter and transmission fluid. Self-shifting gearboxes are highly complicated components that are a part of modern vehicles.

To ensure that these components keeps on functioning efficiently, a fresh and clean supply of fluid is of utmost necessity. You can schedule the change in transmission fluids after every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. This one simple change can add more life to your vehicle.

10.Drive With Ease

When you have a team of drivers using your fleet of vehicles to execute deliveries on time, each of the drivers is bound to handle the vehicle in his individual style.

So, even though you have vehicles of same make, capacity, and brand as well as age, the treatment meted out by the drivers individually also decides how long the vehicle will last.

As a rule, you must ensure that the drivers are well trained so that they know the importance of driving with ease without putting much stress on the engine. Make sure that the drivers know how to avoid accelerating speedily or jamming on the brakes.

Using the best fleet management software allows you to keep a track on the vitals of your vehicles including fuel consumption, maintenance, and various other aspects.

Scheduling regular inspection and servicing can extend the life of your high mileage vehicles and keep them running in the top condition.


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