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How To Cut Maintenance Expenses On Trailers With Dynamic Asset Tracking?

Information is the only key with which you can cut down the maintenance costs. When you use fleet management software for tracking your vehicles, you are well aware of how and when the vehicle is working in top condition. This particular information contributes to making better decisions.

1.Using Asset Tracking For Gathering Information

Since getting information in real-time is such a crucial thing, you must employ dynamic asset tracking software that reduces your time-consuming visits to service stations and also cuts down the cost.

The system helps you to get details about the exact status of vehicle condition.

2.Planning Service More Dynamically

A company always has a pre-determined service schedule for all its vehicles. But you can make the service planning more dynamic by understanding the way all the machines have been handled.

Since the service costs are quite expensive, sending only those vehicles to service stations that really need, it can help you to cut down on the maintenance expenses.

3.Determining Individual Need Of Each Vehicle

Asset tracking helps you to know the individual need of each trailer. Using the remote management solution, you can check battery status, operating hours, GPS position, fuel levels, and oil pressure online.

There is a provision of generating notification whenever the vehicle reaches a critical level. It can help you determine the individual need of each vehicle.

4.Analyzing Operations Of Trailers Remotely

You can use the remote operating software to analyze the operations of each of the trailer to get a clear-cut idea of its operation and the overall health.

Accordingly, it is possible to come up with an efficient schedule service and avoid over or under-servicing. In both these cases, you are saved from paying excess amount.

5.Remote Testing For Reducing Start-Up Issues

Vehicles that have been standing for a long time can have startup issues. To avoid last minute breakouts, it is always better to be prepared with remote testing and ensures that the trailers are maintained properly even if they are not into regular working.

So, whenever you need it to work at its optimum level, it will meet the demand and also save you from the expenses caused due to unplanned visits to the service station.

6.Minimizing Fuel Theft

Even though it is not possible to completely eliminate the probabilities of fuel theft, you can certainly reduce such incidences by using a remote monitoring system.

The system is connected to a fuel sensor that ensures that the exact amount of fuel is being delivered during the refill. The intelligent level sensor ensures that you are always aware of the fuel level of the tank.

7.Setting Up Alarms For Fuel Thefts

A fuel sensor with the ability to sense a full tank can easily verify whether the tank has been refilled properly. The fuel sensor also detects variations in between 3 to 5 liters and abnormal decrease in the fuel indicates whether the fuel has been stolen or not.

The remote monitoring system also supports alarms and sends notifications whenever the theft occurs.

Even though the theft at this juncture cannot be stopped, you can at least know when is the next time to refill. Sometimes, if the theft occurs in a particular pattern, with the help of information provided by the asset tracking system you can easily take action and catch the culprit.

8.More Benefits Keeps You Ahead Always

The latest remote monitoring software instantly offers you access to the data from trailers in the field. It naturally reduces operating expenses and also offers more benefits as you are instantly notified about any operational issues with its 24/7 control.

It also means that you can improve service quality to the end user and thus contributes towards keeping your business ahead of others always.

9.Intimation For Functionality Thresholds

The highly upgraded remote monitoring solution works on three main elements. These include a communication gateway linking the vehicle and acquiring data, the second is the remote server collecting and storing data and the third element is the remote cloud-based software that enables secure access to the data with the help of a user interface.

With the aid of these functionalities, you can set up alarms via email or SMS when the trailers reach a certain threshold thus giving you an update of the latest bit of things.

10.Fire-wall Friendly Communication To Avoid Eavesdropping

A company stands to lose a lot if its confidential data goes in the hands of the competitor. From maintenance schedules to refilling and an entire overhaul of the fleet, such decisions have to be kept to minimum people.

Remote monitoring system offers firewall friendly solutions that keeps access to intended data and communication to a minimum. Thus, through the asset tracking, you can avoid eavesdropping on the data exchange and ensure the security of your data at a very low cost.

11.Using Preventive Maintenance Measures For Cost Reduction

The right preventive maintenance program guarantees that you derive the maximum from the investment on your fleet. Since trailers are quite complex needing proper maintenance and periodic adjustments of major components such as axles, transmissions, brakes, hydraulics, engines, fuel supply, electrical, cooling and lights, preventive programs help to reduce the possible damage to your fleet.

With a preventive maintenance program, you can stop the occurrence of major problems that can lead to high repairing cost. You can proactively reduce or avoid breakdowns and maximize the availability of a fleet.

12.Attending To Tire Inflation

Proper inflation of tire is highly critical for the extended life, safety, and performance. Under-inflated tires affect fuel efficiency whereas over-inflated tires pose a risk to the safety causing a premature blowout or wear and tear. In both these conditions, you stand to lose a lot of money.

By appropriately scheduling the maintenance of your tires through remote tracking solution, it is possible to avoid such extra expenses and cut down the cost of maintenance.

13.Reducing Travel Mileage

Cutting down travel mileage is one way of reducing expenses. With the help of asset tracking solution, company’s can overcome issues like poor route planning, multiple trips with light loads, and more & reduce travel mileage.

Thus, a fleet tracking system can help you in multiple ways to cut down on the maintenance costs and improve the overall operations.

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