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What Are the Best Places In The Car To Install A GPS Tracker Device?

There are several places where you can install a GPS tracking device in your vehicle.

What Are the Best Places In The Car To Install A GPS Tracker Device?

1.OBDII Port

OBDII port is considered the best place to install a GPS tracker instrument in the car because its location ensures that you do not have to worry about its battery life. It is because the OBDII port directly receives power supply from the vehicle.

These types of ports also known as real-time GPS trackers are not easily visible to the driver and are also extremely cost-effective.

2.Within The Dash

Hardwired tracker is another solution if you are planning to have a discreet tracking solution. Experts recommend installing the tracking device within the dash for concealing the GPS instrument. It is almost similar to the way a stereo is concealed.

Just like the OBDII Port, this tracker receives power supply directly from the vehicle so you are saved from the hassles of taking it out for charging regularly.

3.Under The Car

For installing a GPS tracker under the car you must use a magnetic tracking device that easily sticks on any metallic thing. However, you need to ensure that this device is waterproof or else you can make it waterproof by covering it with a casing to save from exposure to snow, dirt and water.

Or else you can directly buy a GPS metallic tracker that comes with a weatherproof metal case and is specifically designed to be installed under the vehicle.

4.Inside The Seats

In any case, you are interested in keeping the device covert; one idea is to take out the seams of either of the seat of the vehicle and install it within the seat. Later on, you can sew the seat so that the device is completely hidden.

The place to hide the GPS tracking device inside the seat can be along the sides or even under the cushioning material. Placing the device in the middle of the seat will give anyone who sits on the seat an idea that something is hidden.

Installing the GPS tracking device on the sides will make it difficult for anyone to find it.

5.In Front Bumper

Very rarely can anyone imagine that a GPS tracker might be hidden inside the front bumper because this part of the vehicle houses different types of wiring for the sensor, temperature, light, and more.

That makes it one of the best places and one of the most challenging places to hide the tracker.

The only thing is that you will need a trained mechanic for this purpose.

With the help of a mechanic, open the front bumper. The device when installed in this area will have uninterrupted power as the hidden device will be connected directly to the power supply of the vehicle.

It will ensure that you keep on receiving the updates from the GPS tracking device for a long time without any break.

6.Wheel Wells

You can be a bit innovative when it comes to installing the device. No one will think that a device can be hidden inside a wheel well. You can keep the device in any odd item including a cylinder or a tiny box. It is much easier to attach a magnetic tracking device to the metal part of the wheel.

7.Rear Bumper

In the rear bumper as well, you will find many wires similar to the front bumper which makes it easier to conceal a small black box containing a tracker. In the midst of all the cables and wires for sensors and cameras, it will be very difficult to find out the wiring of the tracker making it difficult for anyone to find it.

8.Under Carpets

Convertible cars having sunroof offer more scope for concealing the GPS tracking device. From under the carpets to below and between the seats you can keep the tracker cleverly hidden.

How Can A Fleet Management Company Benefit From Using GPS Tracking?

In the long run, the survival of a fleet management company is decided by its level of productivity. You can end up losing large money in any case your employees are not working during their allotted working hours.

When you install GPS devices for tracking on the fleet of your vehicles, you can find out who is really contributing his working hours to work and who are simply wasting time on the  regular basis.

This update on the motions of work helps you decide the perks, wages and other advantages that you offer to the employees.

Save Money With Personal GPS Tracking

When you track employees on a regular basis, it becomes easier to find out the most productive one.

You can notify the employees that all the vehicles are on GPS tracker which will indirectly pressurize them to elevate their overall performance and contribution to work.

It is an established fact that employees work with 100% focus when they are being observed or judged by their superiors. It directly increases your level of production and with just small investment in tracking device; your profit is automatically increased.

Improvement In Work Culture

Drivers tend to have a lot of habits that can affect the level of productivity and work culture in a company. By installing the GPS tracker you indirectly put these employees on radar due to which they are forced to keep aside their time-wasting habits and completely focus on work.

Drivers drive more carefully when they are being monitored. Similarly, the employees rarely think of taking an alternate route or drive on random routes when they are aware of being tracked. This helps to save the gas.

Significant Rise In Team Spirit & Commitment

By using a GPS tracking device to track vehicles, companies can witness a significant rise in the team spirit as everyone now is working towards only one goal and that is to give their 100% .

Thus just one decision to install a GPS tracker in your vehicle can ensure that you not only save on the overall expenses but can motivate your entire team to work more with dedication and commitment.

So, there are multiple ways in which you can cleverly set up a GPS tracking device in your car without anyone noticing it and ensure optimum productivity and maximize the profits.

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