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20 Features In Car rental Software In 2020

The idea of renting a car is on the boom because of the flexibility and independence that comes along with it. However, managing the hiring business can be a nightmare if the right technology is not involved.

This is probably the reason why demands for car rental software providers are also seeing a surge. But what are the factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for the right fleet tracking software?

Below, we have listed the top 20 features that you should look forward to in 2020. Here’s what an advanced car rental solution looks like

1.Facilitate automated check-in and checkout

Booking management is the most basic function of a car rental software. The application should be advanced enough so that the client can make online reservations instead of physically taking efforts.

From taking down the basic contact details of the customer to information like duration and destinations of the ride, time and date, negotiation of prices — the software must be able to handle all these operations in a fast, efficient and reliable manner.

2.Allow online cancellation

On one hand, while the software automates the booking process, it should also look into swift cancellation of rides, if the customer demands it.

It should also ensure that both the company as well as the customer are on the same page concerning the ride. It should also look into penalizing a consumer if there are repeated, unjust cancellations.

3.Should incorporate advanced search filters to ease the booking process

The search filters allow the renters to search according to their preferences at the fastest time possible.

The customers should have the option to filter their choices on parameters like type of car needed, self-drive, outstation or in-city tour, hours of booking among other details.

4.Should facilitate dynamic pricing; allow comparison

The car tracker should be able to list the rental prices under one table, making it easier for the customers to find their desired vehicle. It should also be able to adjust the rent according to demand, high season rates or promotional prices.

It should also allow them to compare one car against another. This gives the passengers room to make the choice, keeping in mind all the factors and costs involved.

5.Driving license, documents verifier and scanner

You wouldn’t want to get tangled in a legal mess because the client has probably forgotten his license during the ride or the document has expired. Digital scanning of the license and documents makes the entire process of renting a vehicle easy.

With the application, you can get a scanned copy of the license right at the time of registration and can store it in the database for future journeys of the passengers. Manually keeping a tab on the documents would be a cumbersome process.

6.Trace pending payments

Pre-rental charges sometimes do not cover all the expenses. It can be a tad difficult to settle the charges when the reservations and transactions are done online.

Modern applications, however, put you in the position of control as they give you an instant overview of the past reservations and transactions.

The software also acts as a storage for all the client data. Before striking a new deal, you can always check if there are any pending payments. They do not allow a new booking to take place until the backlogs of the payment are cleared.

7.Multi-language support

When you reach out to customers in a language that they are comfortable, greater are the chances for client satisfaction. Also more the languages the greater is your audience base.

Ensure that the software is compatible with at least a few of the languages that are more prevalent in the area. Basic information like car model, type, price range should be available in multiple languages.

8.Compatible with different currencies; integrates different payment modes

Most people who rent cars are travelers belonging to different countries. The company will be at an advantage if the software is compatible with different currencies. Do not let boundaries limit your business!

It’s important to remember that you are catering to a global market.

Additionally, the application should also support multiple payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, online channels, pay wallets among others.

It can also have basic card details so that all the customer needs to do is put in the password to complete the transaction.

9.Customer relationship management

Client satisfaction is undoubtedly the aim of having the software on-board the fleet. When a user request for rental service, they should get a fast response prompted with a specific time.

The same holds for a situation where they want to flag a complaint or share their bad experiences.

The software should have an in-built system where they can raise their issues, rate their experience.

It should also allow the customers to chat or talk to executives in case the need arises.

10.Location-based rentals

A good quality software will allow the bookings based on the location of the fleet. This will help you save resources, time as well as maintain the vehicle.

11.Vehicle information and listing

The software also makes it easy for the clients to view the array of cars that the company has to offer. It lists down each vehicle with information related to model, manufacturer and availability status.

12.Should provide insights into data from predictive analytics

Modern technology uses predictive analytics to determine the risk of flight cancellations or delays. It also generates regular weather updates.

The data can be helpful not only for the customers as they can manage their schedule better but also help you route the vehicles better.

When you notice that there is a significant delay, you can put the car to use at some other place for the stipulated time — reducing idle time.

13.Split billing

These days a lot of people co-travel or pool a vehicle, but division of the bill can be a daunting task. The software should simplify the process of revenue collection and split the bill automatically between one or multiple parties.

Additionally, the application should also provide travelers with the ability to split the rental tariffs between two different forms of payment.

14.Work history to view the experience of the driver, rating option

The application also stores feedback about the drivers and the client can view the driving experience that others had before choosing for their ride. As a result, they can be guaranteed of having an experienced person behind the wheels.

Additionally, there is also a rating option where the customers, as well as the chauffeur, can rate their experience with each other. This feedback can be resourceful on their next journeys.

15.Facilitate conversation between the driver and passenger — have an internal messaging system

A strong communication between the driver and customer is essential to ensure that the ride is a pleasing experience.

Have an in-built communication module set up. This not only facilitates easy interactions between both the parties but also makes sure that the customer’s contact details are not compromised.

The client can text the driver the entire address if he is unable to find the way using the navigation or any other special instruction that is required. The driver can inform them about the estimated time of arrival, know when he has reached the location.

Through this, the company can also keep a tab on the conversation. This can be reproduced in case of any complaint or customer issues.

16.Easy log-ins, notifications to inform clients of booking

Nobody likes to have a complex registration process. Most applications these days come with a social media login, use phone numbers to facilitate easy signup. All information related to the customer is feed into the database right at the beginning.

There is also an SMS notification for booking, pickup, drop as well as the payment. The confirmation code can be used to begin the ride — thereby also looking after the safety aspects.

17.Mileage tracking

The software should look into the fuel consumption of the car and should automatically add it to the client’s bill. As a result, there will be a sense of transparency between both parties on the fuel consumed by the vehicle on the ride.

This also helps you analyze the health of the vehicle. If the car is using more gas for a shorter distance, it increases the expenses of the business and implies that the vehicle is probably due for maintenance.

18.Anti-theft alert

Will the car be returned on time and in safe conditions? Will the driver run away with the fleet? These questions can be puzzling for the company.

With the software installed not only can you keep a tab on the movement of the vehicles but also immobilize the asset in case the rental period has lapsed or detect any suspicious movements.

An alert is also sent to notify the company and the police about the location of the car.

19.Should look into vehicle maintenance, damages

The application should be capable enough to help you look into the service needs of the fleets. You can not only schedule the repairs but also ensure that the car is rented in the location of the maintenance spot.

As a result, you neither lose out on income from the clients nor ignore the needs of the car. When maintenance is synchronized with service demand, rental providers can maximize utilization.

You should also be able to keep a tab on any damage that occurs. The in-built camera takes pictures of the interiors of the fleet and stores it in the repository.

In case of any destruction, you will have proof with pictures that the damage was done after the agreement was inked.

20.Option of having automatic upgrades

The company can have an edge over its competitors as long as it is keeping up with the changing technology. Upgrades are important.

While updating the application is the manufacturer’s headache, the software should alert you when there’s an upgrade available.


Apart from the above-listed features, tracking the vehicle, having an SOS button, invoice management, automated maintenance notifications, in-built navigation system are a must-have if you want the software to turn your business for the better.

If you are looking to streamline your business operations while giving a tight competition in the market, then opting for a car rental management software is the way to go ahead. It will look after your fleet, reduce stress as well as keep the clients happy.

It’s a total win-win situation. Do you still have second thoughts about making the purchase?

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