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12 Successful Ways To Ensure Child Safety In Dubai

Dubai may be one of the safest cities in the world, but when it comes to the safety of small kids, we can’t predict if a place is safe. From saving them from cyber-bullying to preventing little ones from road mishaps, we need to stay watchful.

No matter what’s your thinking about it, child safety is an important issue. There are several ways to improve the well-being of small kids. Here are the most important ones:

1.Make them memorize essential contact numbers and addresses

If the children are in Pre-school, it’s vital that they must remember the important contact numbers i.e., their parents’ contact details. And if possible, they should know the address of their homes. In case there’s an emergency, they can recall the contact details of their parents.

2.Make sure the path is safe from home to the bus stop

There must always be a safe way towards the school bus stop. It’s suggested to avoid taking any deserted road; it should be a well-planned path towards the stop. Parents must make sure that an elder is always standing with children until they boards their buses.

3.Ask the children to get away as fast as possible

If the children feel that someone is following them, they should get away from there as soon as possible. Entering a shop can be the best option. From there, they can call their parents and wait for them.

4.Children should never walk alone

Parents can’t always be available for their children, so they may have to manage themselves. It’s better they ever take a walk in a group rather than alone. Walking in a group is safer than that of walking alone.

5.Ask for help from genuine people

Sometimes children may get separated from their parents, and in those cases, they can call a 999-emergency number of UAE. This call helps police take action as soon as possible in that area where children got separated.

Also, children should know the police uniform, and if they find them anywhere, they should ask for help.

The police officers in Dubai are always ready to help. Also, parents should ask children not to go with the strangers.

6.Control their internet usage

The Internet is a boon to this generation. But it’s a bane at the same time. As the cases of cyber-bullying are increasing, parents needs to keep a check on the internet usage of their children. Internet is such a thing which can exploit little children, without the knowledge of parents.

7.Hanging out with friends at home

Small children are innocent. They don’t know what’s good or bad. It’s suggested that small children, especially the under-15 age group, must avoid hanging out outside for long hours.

They must meet and play inside or near the house where the known elders are present.

8.Turn safety into fun

Parents can teach their children the road safety rules by playing the ‘red-light’ ‘green light’ game with them.

Making teaching fun can help children understand the basics of crossing a road.

9.School transport authorities must mark attendance

School going children spend most of the time on the bus.

So it’s crucial that school authorities should mark the presence of every student boarding the bus in the morning as well as in the evening.

Also, they must keep the parents informed about their children while in transit.

As Dubai is a high-security city, many schools are using application-based software to ensure the safety of school kids. This application is useful for schools and the parents, as both the parties are aware of the whereabouts of small kids.

10.Schools must hire the trusted bus drivers

A school bus is considered as one of the safest media to travel to school. So the drivers must be well-experienced and trusted. School administrations should thoroughly verify the background of all the drivers they are planning to hire. They must conduct their driving test to ensure if those drivers are safe for students.

11.Track the buses and optimize route

School authorities should be able to track buses while it’s in transit. It helps parents and schools stay updated on the real-time location of the bus. With tracking, school authorities can check all the places where the bus has stopped, a student boarding or leaving the bus, estimated time of arrival, etc.

12.Timely repair and maintenance of buses

School management must check their vehicles from time to time. If they find any malfunctioned part, they must immediately take it for repair. Along with this, maintaining the bus is vital to ensure its smooth running and safety of children.


The above tips are not meant to make a small kid behave like an adult. It’s all about letting them know the importance of self-preservation.

However, the UAE has already adopted the safety measures by introducing the smart school buses. The school bus tracking system equipped with it helps to improve safety and enhance the operational efficiency for better route planning.

The idea is to make small kids realize that sometimes they need to look after themselves as elders won’t be with them all the time.

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