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How To Decide Whether School Buses Really Need A Tracking App

Vehicle tracking software is not a new thing and many businesses are using it to track their vehicles.

In today’s world when even crime and accidents are at the peak it is important to include a tracking system in any vehicle to protect it from theft, damage or an accident.

These days even public transports, government buses and private cabs have special vehicle tracking mechanism in place for the public safety.

These days even the school buses are also being equipped with such devices so that one can track their location and it is being widely adopted.

A parent would like to know where their child is and how safe they are.

In a country where one person dies every four minutes due to road accidents, it is every parent’s concern that their kid reaches school on time and come back home safely.

Also, every morning instead of waiting for the bus, one can just view the location of the bus on their mobile phone.

The Internet of things has made everything accessible on our smartphones and tracking school buses is just a drop in the ocean.

The school bus tracking software will also be beneficial to the school administration and transport providers by giving them real-time information of traffic status, best routes to take and also helps in increasing the safety of the children.

Parents and teachers can get a real-time notification even via SMS. Some other utilities of such tracking software are given below: –

1) Attendance – Whether every student has boarded the bus or not can be captured once they board the bus.

Similarly, when a student leaves the bus can also be captured assuring the parents that their kids have reached safely. This also helps the driver and helper of the school bus to keep a track of the kids on the bus.

2) Fastest Route – Almost every software comes with a route scheduling feature that tells the driver which route to take and the status of the traffic on those routes.

You can evade unsafe locations, under construction roads and areas with heavy traffic to ensure that kids reach their destination safely and quickly.

3) Real-time Monitoring – This is probably the most important feature of the software which allows parents to track the location of the school bus in real time.

They can question and get clarification from the driver in case the bus takes an unnecessary detour or halts at a place for long.

This will ensure the parents that their kids are safe and also help them reach the pickup point right on time.

Even the bus drivers will not have to wait for the parents to reach the bus stop if their exact location is known to the parents.

4) Instant Alerts – Imagine how safe a parent would feel about their kid if they get a summary of the bus journey including the number of halts, over speeding incidents, unauthorized halts etc.

You can be updated about the driver activities with the app and if needed the school authorities can get instant alerts for these situations.

5) Better Communication – the whole process of communication between the bus driver and the parents or with the transportation agency will be streamlined and they can voice their concerns/opinion without actually waiting to meet them in person. This will be beneficial to all the parties.

6) Fuel and Operational cost – This feature is for the business owner.

The tracking software comes with features which can help optimize fuel cost and reduce operational expenses.

Also, most of the software has an online payment feature available which eases the work of the drivers when they have to pay for fuel or the owners when they have to pay the employees.

Hence, we can say that the school bus tracking system is an all in one solution for almost every concern that parents have regarding their kids.

From mitigating child abduction risks to reducing the chances of accidents by analyzing the routes and driving pattern of the driver it is very useful for the parents.

For the drivers and owners also, it can help reduce cost by suggesting optimum routes, helps in tracking the attendance of kids and inform the parents when to reach the pick-up points.

A lot of vendors are available with such products in the marketplace and the business owners can choose the best school bus tracking app according to their needs.

It is now more necessary than ever that every educational institution has one of this school bus GPS tracking app for the peace of mind of the parents and profit of the transport agency or the centers of learning.

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