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Why Field Service Companies Should Use Task Management Software

Do you waste your time making notes in your diary or browsing through mails to figure out what to work on first?
If the answer to that question is ‘yes’, then you need to find a permanent solution;


Task management software streamlines the process of managing chores, giving the manager more control over the workforce. It is more than just a to-do list; it controls your work, prioritizes tasks, coordinates with team members, and tracks the entire process.

We have listed out 10 reasons why your company should invest in task management software


Those days of making list after list, chalking out every little detail of your services are gone. It’s time for you to go completely paperless to save 3 main things; time, effort, and money.

Digitize the entire process through task management software. It offers great accuracy and flexibility to handle all the incoming information.


Every assignment has a life cycle or deadline to meet which is why every single worker needs to be on the same page. Design a task list fleshing out details about the specific job, share it with your field technicians, and get auto-updates.

The software also has special features to highlight what is the priority. This is a pretty important facet as you are aware of all the tasks at hand and can easily coordinate with the technician on the ground. You will save precious time, avoid losing work, and track tasks to stay on schedule.

Not just that, you will also have the option to filter your task list to see what to work on next.


Task management software acts as a compass to field agents. It enables them to clock their activity in real-time through a smartphone or tablet.

Your technician is always up to speed about the task he has to resolve, and once he completes the assigned work, he can also provide his specific feedback to help you improve and personalize the service.


Technicians on the ground can log on to any smart device to log time, parts, expenses, etc.

The information can be provided to them with bar codes, voice-to-texts, pictures, or videos. The software simplifies the entry of the following

a. Time is taken for travel, billable and non-billable tasks

b. Parts used by technicians(the app will also tell you about the parts you need to solve an issue)

c. Overall expenses so that no one can dupe you

d. Detailed analysis of any unsuccessful task


It analyses the data of every individual in the company and helps you to designate tasks accordingly. It considers variables such as technician’s ratings, preferred service hours, experience among others to segregate them into different categories, and suggests their names as per the nature of the job.

This automation also enables interventions to be prioritized to adhere to customers who have signed the most demanding service level agreements.


The software has an extremely flexible configuration, allowing you to incorporate other essential tools to strengthen the overall output. Your technician or dispatcher will no longer have to move from one application to another for checking information.

Sample this, in most cases technicians on the ground struggle to map customers’ addresses. But you can solve the problem by integrating a GPS tracking system, crucial for optimizing routes.

This improvement in efficiency will help you to boost productivity and expand your base.


Every customer’s worst nightmare is to make endless calls to the customer service requesting help in issues they are facing. Task management software solves this problem by automatically registering a customer’s grievances and assigning a ticket number to a technician to resolve the crisis by a stipulated deadline.

However, remember that the crucial link here is your customer service agent must be patient with the aggrieved customer and do the needful.


Set up an exclusive customer portal to streamline your services. It should include the following

a.Different Service Plans

b.Schedule Follow up Services

c. Remedial Services

d.Approve Service Quotes

e.Feedback Mechanism

Engage with your customers by communicating with them through multiple channels. Maximize customer lifetime value by increasing the sales of Service Plans, parts and accessories, subscriptions.

Using the task management software you can also collate customer surveys with different service events to improve your operations.


Once the assigned task is completed, the technician is provided with a digital invoice for the customer signature. From start to finish, everything is contactless, which is the norm of the day owing to the pandemic. This system of automated approval and payment system has multiple benefits;

a.Reduced scope of errors & customer disputes

b.Immediate payment collection & closure of a case

c.No scope of missing paperwork, hence no losses

d.Accurate pricing for every service

e.Better customer satisfaction & retention


Improve your service and scheduling issues with regular preventative maintenance.

When a customer calls with an emergency, your biggest task is to find the nearest available technician to handle the job, which in most cases, can derail the schedule.

But preventative maintenance eliminates the frequency of emergencies and keeps you in control of the schedule.

Optimizing your service operations can go a long way in boosting customer satisfaction, saving time, and eliminating scheduling headaches. The right scheduling platform can plan interventions, and track customer’s needs seamlessly.


Top global field management companies attribute their major success to Task Management Software which practically looks into every detail with precision.

The simple application declutters complicated processes and makes communication easy. Your field agents are always in touch with you, there is no scope of missing any task.

The whole system seamlessly combines FSM processes with inventory, accounting, and other back-office or enterprise systems. So are you ready to simplify field service management by reducing the manual effort that goes into handling a service dispatch?

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